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Presence is a Language of Loyalty for The Janaprie Community in Central Lombok

Source: Private Document

By : Asman Hafiz (Linguistics Research)

Attendance is often to be considered as the language of loyalty among people not only in certain areas but almost in all parts of this world. However, by some people this action is interpreted as unimportant thing to be done even they usually state that participating is a collective obligation and not for individual, this is one of the reasons why in some regions in Indonesia do not show order in general. Moreover, Janarie people think that with someone’s appearence means that they are caring each other. Janaprie sub-district is located in the eastern part of Indonesia, precisely in Lombok island which is famous for its strong implementation of customs among its people. With all the strong comitment, of course the strength of the applicable rules will emerge and for some people who violate the rules will be immediately expelled from the association. For instance, Begawe is the name of the Janaprie community to carry out wedding customs, nevertheless, for anyone who does not participate this activity will never be helped to work when he has the same activity. Ironically, he will be ostracized and do not to be considered even if they live in the village the same one.

According to Andriani, participation can be interpreted as a conscious involvement of a person in social interaction in certain situations which means that people have their own obligation to help others to preserve the sociaties culture which has been made together. Regards to this explanation it is logically when people break the rules they gain the funishment. If it compare to other custems there a lot of differences among the cultures in Indonesia, teke an example from Pemekasan as the strong civilisation touch most of their sociaty save each other wwhen somebody does not goes to some ceremonies.

This is the best reason why everyone has an obligation always to say something when he find another laziness or uncare to other people in other to ensure their plan future, beacuse in Janaprie it self, there are many people hasitate and even do not have small conversation. If this case will be happen in other places in Indonesia we will lose our civilisation as ssoon as possible and the best solution for this is to confirm each other and never uncare to something that might be bring some disadvantages.

*All opinion is responsibility of author

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