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Pancasila: The Unity of Diversy

Source: Private Document

By: Muhammad Fachrul Hudallah (Editor of Ngacoo.com)

Indonesia is resource-rich country which has plethora of difference, such as religion, language, ethnicity, tribe, culture, etc. The differences can be seen in Pancasila which has Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity) motto.

Actually, those discrepancies are made to complete each other because they are something ordinary. The Java Island, The Sulawesi Island , The Sumatera Island, The Kalimantan Island, The Papua Island, The Bali Island, The Maluku Island, etc are several territories which have the characteristics of each which become proof that Indonesia is rich.

On the other hand, Pancasila is a place to unite differences because it is taken from social and philosophical aspects. Actually, Pancasila is the ideology and law principle of Indonesia which has myriad of inhabitant. It is able to attest that Pancasila have been decent become national principle.

Indonesia and Pancasila are an inseparable units. Pancasila gives spirit to develop Indonesia which will become resource-rich country and Industrial country. Pancasila is not only an aesthetic symbol, but also important for implementation.

Nowadays, according to Yudi Latif whom write “Negara Paripurna” book say that there is the sin of society, among others is enjoying without treat, using without sweating, occupying without keeping, life without ethics, eating without struggling, feeling powerful without capacity, and picking without planting. Sometimes, mankind whom have been live in society does not have the awareness to build their country.
They are less grateful if Indonesia has natural resourcess which can be shown to other country and it has myriad of cultures. In any case, they should be grateful; helping develop Indonesian to make society justice and prosperous.

Indonesia will celebrate 77th anniversary at 17 August 2022; society is always happy to commemorate it. Actually, The older Indonesia, the more glorious it should be and all society in Indonesia gets responsible to develop their county. The most important, they must make peace, security, justice, prosperity to become better Indonesia.

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