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How English Changed Our Life

Source: Private Documents

By: Muhammad Ikhlas Prayogo (Co-Founder of Teras Autentik)

Lack of integration is real problem for most countries. Most often than not, this is due to the language barrier. People outside of their countries end up being isolated, hanging out only with people from similar communities where their language is spoken,

So i think language is Important, because we live in multilingual world, where connections are now more important than ever. The world is becoming increasingly globalized and knowing language can always give you advantages. Especially for English language, yups we know there are many benefits when we learn about English language, for examples it can help you in your career, it can improve your memory and brain functions, and it can help icrease your understanding of the languages you already to speak.

Living in an interconnected world means world means that more and more jobs are advertising positions where knowing more than one language essential. As more companies trade internationally and create relationship with the other countries, employees are often to travel for work, enhance these relationship, or be relocated abroad.

Besides having more chances of landing a good job or advancing in your career, I think learning English language can also give you an insight into other cultures. You will be more prepared and confident to travel the world and explore other peoples ways of living.

So as mentioned before, learning English language is a wonderful benefit in a globalized world, let us have a look at some of the benefits of learning English.

The first is you can explore the world, if you think only use English in “English Speaking” countries like the UK or US maybe you can think again, because English is in fact one of the most commonly spoken languages on the planet, wherever you are in the world. In fact, nearly 2 billion peoples speak English, and another billion is learning everyday.

The Second can boost your career, because as the world becomes smaller and interconnected, being able to communicate with people from different countries becomes a really valuable skill. I think learning English can boost your employment opportunities and help you to expand your talents accros a worldwide stage.

The third I think it can be discovered a world of knowledge because if you want to expand your knowledge, study further or carry out research, then English will be an invaluable tool. It’s also one of the most common language used for presentations and conferences especially when you are spaking to an international audience, and also can help you to read books used English language, because many some of books in the world have not translate in Indonesian language yet.  So I think learning English will be a relly helpful first step for your career.

*All opinion are responsibility of author

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